About ShippersWho

ShippersWho clients that want to provide their Carriers with a Universal Portal to exchange information and Documents to streamline and Improve the efficiency of the Supply Chain. Shippers can also provide disclosure information and attain conviction certificates on CDL Drivers to reduce their exposure to future legal liability.
ShippersWho allows Shippers, Brokers, and Transportation Companies the option to utilize our onboarding and compliance features, in accordance with the following FMCSA Guidelines: 49 CFR § 383.31 and 49 CFR § 391.25, for the best practices in the industry.
RealTime provides Logistic Managers, a direct line of communications with the Driver transporting their freight. Communications and Notifications will consist of safety guidelines, scheduling changes, emergency alerts, lane changes and status checks.
Covid-19 Health Screening, with the results stored for future usage, to provide the required data to OSHA and the Health Department.
Shippers Can Post Their:

- Insurance Limits

- Corporate Disclosures

- Safety Guidelines

- Vendor Info.

- Corporate Waivers

- Documents Public/Private

- Covid-19 Health Screening